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UK Contract Partners – why now?

Umbrella Companies - The Facts:

Many umbrella companies for contractors have historically fallen into 2 brackets; PAYE and Avoidance.

The tax avoidance umbrella companies are easy to spot as they offer circa 90% plus of your contract and pay you in loans from tax havens that never need to be repaid. These loopholes are currently in the process of being closed and many contractors are finding themselves in hot water with HMRC - many of whom are now coming our way as a result.

PAYE contractor umbrella companies are perfect for contractors on less than £25k per year and simply need a way of taking away the burden of doing any admin. If you are a contractor on £25k per year plus then PAYE is not a good tax strategy.

There is now another umbrella company strategy that allows you to collect the maximum from your contract while still keeping your admin to a minimum. All your money is kept in the UK at all times and all we simply do is make sure you utilise ALL the government granted tax breaks open to you - many of which we guarantee you will not even know about.

We are the only business on the internet that offers an umbrella company format of this kind. It has taken close to 2 years of work behind the scenes and countless legal opinions to ensure what we are doing is above board. Too many company directors have jumped on the standard umbrella or avoidance umbrella band wagon because it is relatively easy to set up and there is a substantial amount of money to be made.

Many of these company directors stay out of the lime light and pay "Tax Experts" large sums of money to say that what they are doing is legal. We don't want to be like everyone else which is why it has taken us a long time to get to where we are today but it is starting to work as contractors are coming our way and are happy.

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